Sunoptical Opticians

is a boutique opticians physical store that focuses on supporting art and brands that are unique and rare.


With a well established brand, Sunoptical Opticians needed to update their brand identity, to represent what they stand for and the quality brands they support. They need to have an online voice through social media and be represented consistently through all platforms.

brand  identity

social media content

social media management

competitor research

Problems & Goals

The brand identity needed to be created using the brand mark that was already in place. Our goal is always to strive for a wholistic approach. Therefore, we polished their current brand mark and created their whole brand identity based on that and the goals of the business for the long term.

Polishing the brand mark was our priority, since this was the base of our project.

We conducted a direct and indirect competitor research to help us establish a well positioned brand that could respond to the market needs.

A well established brand identity helped us build a digital existence from the ground up, keeping the content relevant to the audience and informative to bring attention to the quality and unique nature of their products.

This resulted to

an online transformation and a brand identity that could represent the brand in the long term through different mediums.


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