Pack Man

offers moving, packing and storage solutions for large corporations and students.


Pack Man is a well established offline brand, with no digital existence that needs to attract a new audience. They have years of expertise with large corporations and wants to tap into the student market.

brand  identity

website design

website development

information architecture

competitor research

marketing consulting

marketing strategy

sales & pr

Problems & Goals

Pack Man is a well established offline brand that attracts high end clients. The new audience they want to attract is not in the same category as their current one and they need data to support decisions in order to attract the new audience while maintaining their current one. A brand identity will help us build an online presence and help the company in the long run be consistent in how they present themselves.

A brand identity needed to be build from the ground up. Therefore after conducting direct and indirect competitor research,

we created a brand mark along with an identity surrounding not only their new target audience but also the current and well established one, to build a brand that represents both audiences,

and can be used in the long term through different mediums of media.

After establishing a brand identity,

a website was designed and build, along with a social media kit and consulting services.


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